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Moving MVKids

Posted by Danielle Kenan on

We have many awesome volunteers who help to set up and take down our children's area every week. It's definitely a lot! Some of you may be wondering: "what is going to happen to all of this “stuff” once we have moved into our new home?"

There are several ways we will make use of these children's ministry items. We have plans to keep some of it to use in our new home, plans to donate some to help another church in need of a fresh or new start, and plans to sell some of it in order to put those funds towards some of the items we’ll need in our new home.

We are in the process of inventorying all of it to decide for sure which stuff fits in which categories. Some of the things we already know we are keeping include: the electronics (to supplement our new equipment and some auditorium items we will reuse), the stage panels, some curtains, the tables and chairs from the preschool area (which we will add to), some toys and games, and other various items.

We are still deciding about some of the items, like the play panels, for example. These can be used for many things, but also take up quite a bit of storage space if we don’t plan to use them very often. We also haven’t fully decided which items are “donate” items and which are “sell”. It's very much like cleaning out your house to move!

I look forward to really digging in to see how we can continue to use as much of our stuff as possible, and how we can help others with the rest.

- Danielle Kenan, Children's Director, Moon Valley Bible Church


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