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Light Flashes Green!

Posted by Bob Kerrey on

Light Flashes Green!

Last Friday, we finally received a building permit and approved building plans from the City of Phoenix! Praise the Lord! March 1st we will meet with the team at SchiffererBuilt (our contractor) to chart the way forward.

My experience at the City on Friday clarified for me why they have taken some seven months to approve our plans. I got word the day before that we received approval; I was told all that was needed now was payment of a fee. So, I thought my task was simple: go to the City, give them a check, and receive the permit and building plans that had already been approved. 

But it was not so easy. It took nearly an hour and a half, multiple phone calls, seeing multiple people, and the first two said I couldn’t have the building plans because I needed to provide a copy of the site plan. Sheesh. Finally, I left with the permit and plans in hand.

We’re off and running!


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