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Building Update from Bob

Posted by Bob Kerrey on

On Thursday, February 7, the City guy overseeing our job indicated that reviewers have no more issues for us to resolve with our building plans or our site plan. The parking issue I mentioned in my last post has been revisited, and the City has once again agreed that our parking is all good; no variance is required.

With this preliminary approval from the City, our civil engineer removed the word “preliminary” from our site plan, added a few notes to it, and it was resubmitted along with our landscaping plan on Tuesday, February 12. As I understand it, there is nothing left for the City to do but to formally approve what has already been approved preliminarily and to issue building permits.

As the permitting process nears completion, workers have been doing demolition work. The interior has been gutted, loading docks on the north side have been broken up, as has the concrete on the south side. Before the loading dock area is filled in and paved, plumbing that runs underneath it will be checked to see if needs to be replaced.

Subcontractors have received revised building plans reflecting changes to reduce costs, and we should soon have some firm numbers to control the project moving forward.

The wheels are finally beginning to move, and building permits are imminent. When all the lights go green, we will celebrate!

- Bob Kerrey, Lead Pastor, Moon Valley Bible Church


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