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Welcome to our new blog! This blog is dedicated to giving you a weekly glimpse of our progress toward the opening of our new facility later this year. Along the way, various contributors will provide some insight into our thinking behind certain spaces and features. 

Everything is still on schedule. We expect the architectural plans to be 100% complete by June 1, at which time they’ll be submitted to the City of Phoenix for permitting, and preliminary bids from subcontractors will be confirmed. Construction is slated to begin in early August, with our first service between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We’ll let you know as soon as we have an interior demolition date set. 

I’m so excited about our new facility! Of course, it will be a beautiful, functional, comfortable, debt-free place that doesn’t need to be set up and taken down every Sunday. But more importantly, it will be a new way for us to bring life to our community—a place to which you’ll be proud to invite your friends and neighbors.

To that end, we have a prayer wall inside the building. On the wall are the written prayers of many who attended our “warehouse service” on April 29. The prayers reflect our outward focus: this is not just for us, we’re asking God to use it for our community.



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