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It’s not every day you have the opportunity to work with an organization from, practically, the ground up, with the promise of a brand-new facility to help design and manage. And many people certainly think you are crazy for packing up your life and moving two thousand plus miles across the country for that opportunity, but God led me to a unique position with Moon Valley, and I haven’t regretted that decision once since taking the plunge into Arizona culture.

Designing a building is sort of a mind-blowing experience. You learn things you never knew your brain was capable of learning, and your patience is definitely tested, but like the jittering rising and falling of an old wooden roller coaster, the process has similar ups and downs, and you learn contentment through each step, especially when God has control over the whole. In the end, I’m excited to report to you that the AVL process with our new building is developing wonderfully.

In late 2017, I found myself not really having much of a clue what to do with this new facility AVL build. After an initial quote came in from the preferred AVL vendor, we discovered that most companies were going to want more than twice as much than our budget allowed. This particular AVL company had quoted us the cost of our entire budget just for the infrastructure, no actual equipment. That’s when Pastor Bob and I turned to someone who quickly became a close friend to me through this process.

David Hensiek joined our small AVL building squad and introduced me to a local audio/video/lighting company, 5 Words Media. We met with them at the building so they could see our space and hear our initial ideas. Daniel Gourley, owner of 5 Words, was a breath of fresh air and understood clearly what we wanted to accomplish, all within a tight budget. From the beginning, Daniel and 5 Words were respectful of our budget and assured us they could work within it, allowing us to plan to do some of the labor to save costs, as well as shop the final budget to various vendors and retailers.

After months of design and a few detailed meetings at a Glendale coffee shop, we began demo visits. We heard speakers, saw lighting, sound consoles, and general AVL signal flow for demo days at Bethany Bible Church, Lincoln Heights Church, Pure Heart Church, and Dream City Church. David, Deric, and myself even took a short road trip to Tucson to visit U City Church to see a sound board and hear speakers. That experience was neat. U City had renovated an old historic church located near the University of Arizona campus. The architecture and structure retained the old historic vibe, but included modern production elements. The local Mexican food was awesome too!

Fast forward to a week ago. For all of 2018 to this point we had been visiting churches, hearing speakers and getting trained on sound consoles. Hours of meetings, design, and a vat of coffee later, 5 Words delivered us a final budget. God has provided us with a wonderful team to work with at 5 Words, and as they assured us almost a year ago, their final budget came in only $8,000 over our target. After the opportunity to shop the system, we feel very confident we will deliver an AVL system across the building that feels twice as valuable as what we’ll pay for it.

So let’s take you through the building on a Sunday morning!

Imagine you walk through the front doors. On a column in the lobby are three large screens displaying pre-service announcements, and later will broadcast the service live. Another screen in the welcome lounge scrolls announcements along with more screens in the café area. In the children’s check in area and classrooms are televisions with their own special children’s music video playlist, and in the children’s large group area is a stage setup with a full AVL setup to help engage children each week.

As you cross over the hall and into the auditorium, you are greeted with a huge 10x30 foot projection screen, scrolling through pre-service announcements and beginning the Pre5 video. When the band begins for morning service, our sound is traveling through a dB Technologies speaker system. Five dual eight inch line array speakers will hang from each side of the stage with a small center-stage cluster, and four fifteen inch subwoofers will sit under the stage. In the famous words of Michael Buffer, “Are you ready to rumble!?” (cue music).

Our goal since day one has been to create a system that speaks of excellence, quality, and a unique, engaging Sunday experience. The week after a Sunday experience you can expect to see a quality sermon video released, worship team videos produced and released, and an exciting storm of new original material produced for Sunday mornings. All this will be attainable with our new AVL setup, and we couldn’t be more excited about the next steps in the process.

As we continue forward we will be working with the build schedule of our general contractor. If you have interest in pulling cable, and a handful of other tech tasks we will have on our plate, we would love to hear from you.

Please continue to pray for this process. We are incredibly excited and are anticipating the beginning stages of this new journey, none of which would have been possible without God and his plan for this church.

Wes Crenshaw, Music & Programming Director, Moon Valley Bible Church


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